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Voices of Native Youth Community Guidelines

Voices of Native Youth exists to give Native American youth a forum for sharing their opinions, culture, accomplishments, and recommendations.

In a world filled with the overwhelming cacophony of voices, Native youth deserve a safe place to share the world as they see it. When we pause and listen to each other’s stories, we have an opportunity to grow and learn.

We invite you into our space to learn and listen. Hopefully, you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the issues that confront Native youth and a desire to return for more conversation.

We ask that discourse remain civil and respectful at all times. Sometimes the truth makes us uncomfortable, but sitting in our discomfort affords us a chance to grow and learn new ways of seeing the world.

Welcome to Voices of Native Youth, where Native youth speak up and speak out to shape the dialogue about race and culture. #Native #youth #race #racism #culture #socialjustice

Join us for the next 28 days as Native American high school students speak up and speak out to shape the dialogue about race and culture.

February 1–Check out our Community Guidelines

February 2–A Call to Action: Revealing the Truth About Native American History

February 3–What are the Struggles of a Native Youth from a Single-Parent Household?

February 4–

Voices of Native Youth Community Guidelines

Help Keep Our Community Safe

Voices of Native Youth aims to be a welcoming and inclusive community where readers of all stripes feel safe expressing their ideas and opinions. We value social justice and inclusivity. Comments that display explicit or implicit sexism, racism, or otherwise marginalize others are subject to deletion.

To support these goals, the following rules will be enforced. Users can be banned on the first offense for any of the following behaviors:

  • Name-calling, insulting, or otherwise attacking a contributor or another site user.
  • Posting irrelevant, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate content or comments.
  • Posting comments that question or denigrate the value of marginalized voices.
  • Posting self-promotional content.
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